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Granite Sealing


Granite countertop after restoration

Don’t wait to Seal your countertop till is too late! A great number of customers call OC Countertops asking to repair their countertops. Why? Because they forgot or they thought unnecessary to seal their granite countertop.

Some of the spots from the spills on the countertops were irreversible, they are too dip inside the countertop porous material, now the only solution is a new countertop.

Why to pay for a new countertop or for a Countertop repair, when you can pay less to have your Countertop seal. (sealing alone does not make your countertop shiny)

Remember! don’t forget to use only friendly granite cleaning products to clean your countertop, ensure they are PH neutral non-acidic.



The sealers do not make the Granite countertops  impervious to stains or damage; they only slow the rate of absorption of the staining agent, therefore OC countertops can’t  guaranteed that the Countertop will not get damage  after it is sealed.



Granite Countertop Polishing

Granite Polishing

OC Granite Polishing

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Granite Countertop Sealing

Marble Countertop Seal

Countertop Deep Polishing

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Polish Granite, Maintenance and Repair

Granite Seal Steps:


OC Granite Countertop

I will clean your countertop with Crystal Clean cleaner and Stone Scrub, seal your granite with Stone Pro Sealer and finally we will  polish your countertop with Final Touch.

Keep your countertop amazing look:

  1. Have your Countertop Seal every twelve to sixteen  months.
  2. Get professional countertop maintenance from OC countertops.

Protect your countertop agains water and oil damage.

Call Orange County Countertops and have your countertop seal ! 

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 Marble Countertop Sealing

Marble Top

Sealed Marble Countertop

Marble countertops are one of the most porous in the market, and that makes them more susceptible to get damage by wine, water, food.

Marble countertops need to be seal like any other porous countertops to protect them and keep there beautiful  look.

Countertop Deep Polishing is available now.

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