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Countertop Maintenance

marble_top_occountertopsDark color countertops are amazing, but they are not perfect for every kitchen.Orange County Countertops

Have you think about what happens in your kitchen? Most of us want an amazing looking countertop, and black comes right away in mind.

Why a black countertop? Because is fancy, looks elegant and more. How you ever think about countertop maintenance?

Remember dark colors show more dirt, spots, imperfections and scratches more than light color countertops; that’s why we recommend light non solid colors for busy kitchens.



Damage Marble with the wrong cleaner

How to clean your Countertops

Because not all the cleaners are equal, one has to make it sure that when it comes to clean a countertop the cleaner should be non-acidic, made for the specific stone you are about to clean.

Remember! Don’t forget to use only friendly granite cleaning products to clean your countertop, ensure they are PH neutral, non-acidic.

you can see the picture on the left the damage caused on a marble countertop from using the wrong cleaner.


Countertop paintable silicone.

The silicone between the wall and the back splash of your countertop should be paintable.

If you are going to paint the wall: Sometimes new coCountertop splash untertop installers use non-paintable silicone which looks very good till you try to paint it, thats when you discover the mess, specially when the installer applies a thick strip of silicone because his inexperience, or because the big gaps of an uneven wall smearing the silicone everywhere. Acrylic caulks are paintable, and smears can be cleaned up with water. However, their lack of elasticity makes them susceptible to cracking in areas with temperature swings.

Uneven walls: By not having nice and flat walls the back splash would end up separate from the wall on different areas creating gaps that would need to be filled with silicone. Don’t forget that if you do it right the first time, you don’t have to deal with all the work of taking off the silicone, and probably avoiding damage on your wall.

Countertop Silicone: Countertop installers use different colors of non-paintable silicone between the splash and the countertop to seal the seams by choosing the respective color to mach the counter top to get a clean and neat finish look.


Countertop Sinks

Here are some tips you should considere when it comes to choose your sink.

    • Check the specs of your cabinet to make sure the sink would fit.
    • Understand the difference between top mouModern sink in the bathroomnt and under mount sinks.
    • How many holes do you need for faucets, air gap, etc.
    • Do you want the holes on the countertop or on the sink.
    • Where do you want the garbage disposal (right-left).
    • Single or double bowl sink, even size bowls or one bigger.
    • Is the sink cabinet center with the window.
    • Do you need a full back splash behind the sink to protect the wall from the water?.


undermount_sink_occountertopsIf you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at , or  call Orange County Countertops and we will contact you to help with your countertop project.








Seal or Not to Seal The Countertop?

Customers usually ask me that question, even when their counter top is cracking or falling apart. Probably because some try to save some money by not sealing the countertop, but soon or later somebody has to pay for sealing or pay more money for a countertop repair.

If you don’t seal your granite countertop, it would probably adsorb the water and other spills and eventually the countertop will crumble, crack or stain. YES sealing your natural stone countertop is not only necessary but intelligent.

granite sealing

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