Orange County Countertops FAQ

Q: Do you OC countertops make a template?

A: Yes we do.

For us to fabricate your  countertop, we need to measure and make a template first. (old countertops need to be remove for the templating day)

Q: How can I get prepare for the Countertop installation dayCountertop Solid Surface Samples

A:        Please get ready!

  • Empty your cabinets.
  • Clear the way for us to work.
  • Cover with plastic your furniture etc. (expect some dusk).
  • Have your pluming and your cooktop disconnect.
  • Provide sink and cooktop templates.
  • Don’t for get your new faucets for us to drill the holes.
  • You may have to touch up after installation (Damage that is not cover by the new countertop).



OCcountertops_marbleQ: Are the countertop seams invisible?

A: Most of the time Granite and Quartz countertops seams will be visible and you would be able to feel it. Please don’t expect invisible seams, but inconspicuous.

In some situations because color pattern, unlevel cabinets, varied slab thickness, is close to impossible to have a perfect seam.

Remember Seams may be up to 1/16” wide with a +/- tolerance of 1/64”


Q: Who would install my undermount sink?

A: We will set your undermount sink, but don’t do plumbing.

Q: Who takes care of my old countertop?

A: We will take care of it only if you pay for removal.

Q: How thick is going to be my countertop?

A: The thickness can be 3 CM  (1 1/8″)  or 3/4 with an extra 3/4 strip to make it look 1.5″ see the drawing here:  http://occountertops.com/tops/

Q:Is granite porous?

A: Yes it is.

Q: How often do I need to seal my granite countertop?

A: We recommend our customers to seal it once a year.

Q: Is quartz porous?

A: No, it is not.


Small Granite Countertop

Q: It is true that the countertop flat (sharp) edges chip more?

A: Yes, flat (sharp) countertop edges chip more than round edges.

Q: Can a chipped counter top be repair?

A: 90% of the chipped countertops are repairable.

Q: How big are the Prefab Countertops?

A: They are about 9′ x 26” x 2 CM


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