Your CounterTop Sink

Countertop Sink Tips:

  1. Have you check your cabinet to make sure the counter top sink would fit?.
  2. Do you understand the difference between top mount and under mount sinks?.
  3. How many holes do you need for faucets and air gap ?.
  4. Do you want the Holes on the countertop or on the sink?.
  5. Where do you want the garbage disposal (right-left)?.
  6. Single or double bowl sink, even size bowls or one bigger?.
  7. Is the sink cabinet center with the window?.
  8. Do you need a full back splash behind the sink to protect the wall from the water?.

Do you have any questions about your countertop project or about your sink?

Please contact us by E-mail we will be happy to help you @ OC countertops.

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