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Black Galaxy Granite Island

Countertop Repair

Is you Granite Counter top cracked, chipped or you just need to have a top mount sink cut out done? No problem, we Orange County countertops do Countertop Repair and maintenance!

I can cut, resize and repair existing countertops, make sink cut outs or drill faucet holes as needed at reasonable price.

  • Countertop etching and stain removal.
  • Countertops Cut out Repairs.
  • Scratched Granite Repair.
  • Countertop Seams Repairs.
  • Countertop Sealing.
  • Granite Polishing.

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oc black marble top

Anaheim Hill Black Marble Top

Granite Sealing 

Countertop Maintenance

Crack Repairs

 Granite Restoration 

Orange County Countertops

 Granite Countertop Repairs

Orange County Countertop repairs are inconspicuous and a great money savers!  No need to buy a new countertop when you can get it repair for a fraction of what you pay for a new one.

Below is a granite kitchen countertop crack repair, I cut the full bullnose edge of the countertop and replace it with a new piece and a new bullnose edge.

I did it because the granite crack was wide open and about 30″ long, water damage inside the granite was extreme, this happened because the lack of sealer on the countertop. remember is chipper professionally  seal your Granite countertop  than to repair it.

big granite crackbig granite crack repair

 Amazing Crack Countertop Repairs

Take a look of this Granite countertop repair, here you can see the difference before and after on a natural stone countertop crack repair close to the sink .

I cleaned, dry the damage area, glue the crack, I polished and finally sealed.

Granite-Repair OC

Granite Bar with Black Quartz Edge

 On the bar below I did granite restoration, add a new black Quartz 2.5 inch edge, sealed and polished the granite bar.

As you can see for the outside natural stone countertops the weather can be ruthless

broken granite countertop edge

broken countertop edge

Countertop Waterfall Transformations

If what you need is a “Waterfall” side to be add to your old countertop or vanity top to get the new modern look, please don’t hesitate to call OC countertops to get your Estimate!

Waterfall Top before Waterfall Top after


Countertop Resizing!

Orange County Countertops can resize your countertop, cut the extra overhang, enlarge sink cut outs or replace the sink.

Quartz countertopQuartz Island

OCcountertops is ready to Fix your countertop!

Please don’t use white silicone to repair your countertop. Some of our customers try to save money by repairing their granite countertop with silicone, this makes things worse for the countertop repair specialists and the repair can be costly.

You can see on the next pictures the silicone the customer applied in the granite crack.

Before and after the granite crack was repair by OC countertops.

Countertop repair by the sink

Countertop Sink Cutout Repair

On this granite countertop repair pictures, you can see an under mount sink with major water damage and cracks on the countertop; the owner didn’t  seal it for years and the granite cracked and crumbled.

I fixed it by cutting the top, pulling the old under mount sink out, fixing the countertop cracks and adapting a new top mount sink.


Orange County Counter top Repairs.

Do you have a problem with your countertop? Not happy with your countertop installation?


Countertop Water Damage

Let me help you, call me to repair or replace your kitchen counter top.

  • Countertop cracks around the sink.
  • Can’t get your Dishwasher out?
  • Need a Corian® Repair?
  • Countertop Water Damage.
  • Need a Bigger Cut out?
  • Bad countertop seams.
  • Broken Bullnose.
  • Stone Restoration.


 Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to evaluate your situation. Remember to call me for an Estimate.

“You don’t have anything to lose but everything to win”


Broken Bullnose Edge


Bullnose Edge Repaired

Countertop Repairs

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