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OC countertops offers granite countertop crack repairs and maintenance, Corian repairs and resurfacing, quartz spot and scratch removal, porcelain scratch repair, and marble countertop restoration services!

Do you need your sink to be remove and replace, call me to set an appointment to talk about your options.

No job is too small! from Countertop chip repairs to granite countertop cracks.

Whether is time to repair your Countertop to sale your house, or you just want to seal your granite? Im ready to offer some advice for you to get the right service.

Orange County Countertops aims to be friendly, professional and customer satisfaction.

Call me now! Im ready to help you find the perfect countertop repair solution.

quartz countertop repairs and maintenance.
Quartz island after spot removal

Countertop Repairs

  • Sink removal and replace
  • Corian repairs and maintenance
  • Cut out enlargements
  • Porcelain scratch service
  • Quartz spot removal
  • Edge cutting and polishing
  • New faucet holes
  • Porcelain chip fill ups
Granite countertop repair with black quartz edge
Granite bart before and after edge repair

Oc countertop repairs

I love to do countertop repairs others don’t want to do, and even though some times is a little messy to repair a countertop, one of my priorities is to leave the work area nice and clean after I finish.

I specialize on Countertop repairs and maintenance like:

  • Countertop crack repairs
  • Granite and quartz countertop sealing
  • Countertop removal
  • Quartz chip repairs
  • Seam repairs
  • Marble countertop restoration

Granite sealing

Sealing your granite countertop gives the protection and extra time for you to clean the spills, but doesn’t make your countertop “INDESTRUCTIBLE”.

Now I offer Quartz countertop sealing service, yes your quartz countertop may need that extra protection before is too late.

Many countertop professionals recommend to seal your countertop a-least ones a year, but all depends on your kitchen traffic.

Natural stone countertops like marble are more porous and softer than granite or quartz countertops.

Marble countertops usually get damaged by tooth paste, mouth wash, cleaners and other acidic products; that’s why I recommend to use a non acidic marble countertop cleaner, to use coasters and cutting boards.

Do you want to save money? please don’t save it by not sealing your countertop, is cheaper to seal your countertop than repairing your countertop.

Countertop repairs and maintenance
Countertop after a sealing service

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