Corian Repairs

OC Corian repairs

Corian is a beautiful material to work with, its use goes far beyond Countertops, not to mention Corian is very good for repairs like: cracks, scratches, burns, marks, chips, additions and more.

I also repair Formica and other materials similar to Corian.

granite repair

I recommend to keep a left over piece in a secure place after they finished your countertop installation for future repairs. Why? because the scrap piece to repair your countertop needs to be from the same batch to match the exact Corian color.

Also would be good to know what not to do to your Corian Countertop.

  1. Don’t put anything hot on it
  2. Pick up, don’t drag dishes
  3. Don’t cut on it

You can avoid all of these by having cutting boards to set hot items, heavy items and to cut food.

OC countertops repairs