Countertop Repairs

Granite Countertop Repairs

Are you looking for granite countertop crack repair or just countertop maintenance? You are in the right place and I can help to make your countertop look good again.

Granite Repairs

Customers don’t know how bad water and other spills are for their granite or marble countertops, some of the damages that I can help you repair are:

  1. Countertop Cracks
  2. Porcelain scratches
  3. Minerals build ups
  4. Falling front edge
  5. Lemon and acidic spills damages
  6. Rough finish…and more Repairs

Granite and marble Repairs

Please check the next before and after pictures;

The first one is a undermount sink replacement to a farmers sink because the crack on the granite countertop.

The second one is similar repair but with a custom black quartz inlay around the sink. (the granite countertop was damaged all the way around).

The third one is a bad water damage crack on the front edge by the sink, I remove the metal bar that was causing the crack because the oxidation and repair it.

The fourth on is a marble countertop restoration, damaged by acidic spills like lemon juice, wrong cleaners, orange soda and more.

The fifth one is similar to the fourth one just different color.

Countertops and Water

Do you know that by keeping your countertop dry, you can save lots of money and save it from cracking?

About 90% of the countertop repairs I do are because of water damage, and lack of maintenance like sealing the countertop.

Please be realistic about the end result of your countertop repair and remember different colors, materials, and the level of the damage make the difference on how your countertop looks after the services.

OC countertops repairs

Don’t hesitate to call me or text me with your questions and concerns, I will very happy to help you.

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A beautiful polish marble island
Marble countertop restoration

Countertop Repair Materials

Even though I can get most colors of countertop materials, is 100% better having a leftover piece of matching material from your countertop to be use to repair it.

Granite materials comes from all over the world and that’s what makes the difference between having a leftover, then buying a new piece that comes from a different rock or even from a different country.

In the case of materials like Corian, is better to have a leftover piece from your countertop (like from sink cut out) or get one with the same batch number to have a great crack repair. Same colors from a different batch number have a small difference, but most of the time noticeable after is glued to repair the cracked area.